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6-SessionTips 2015 copyPictures of Toddler: Photographing toddlers is a delicate process but with a couple tricks, you can have a successful photo shoot. A well-rested, healthy & fed child is on the right track to happiness; also the right time of day does wonders. We suggest that the first sitting of the day or after an afternoon nap. Child Psychology comes in very handy when dealing with 18 month -3 year old children… Try to get your toddler in the mood to photograph by saying how fun it is. Please do not pressure them to perform a certain way… when kids feel they have the freedom to do something that is their idea, they attack it with full enthusiasm; pressure makes them shut down in the studio setting. Never suggest that it is scary or stressful and give yourself plenty of time to arrive to the photo shoot on time. We like to ease a toddler into the mood by giving them some face time with the photographer. Please ease your toddler into the session, holding them why we interact is totally acceptable. We make slow transitions with your child in order for them to feel comfortable enough to separate from the parent, forcing the child is counter-productive to our process and may force the child to shut down completely. Mom or Dad, come dressed to take pictures, in case your little one wants to start with you in the first few pictures. A sense of security is the bottom line with these little ones. And there is nothing more rewarding than a timid toddler becoming our best buddy! :)