How do I book a session?

To book, just call, email or message Tina and we can get something scheduled. $150 retainer is due at time of booking. The retainer goes towards your session fee and any remaining credit will be added to your picture purchase. Studio sessions are scheduled Tuesday- Friday 9:30-3 and Saturday morning. Outdoor sessions are Tuesday – Saturday 9am or later afternoon/evening (depending on the season of the year).

What should you expect in a session with me?

A high energy, happy and dedicated photographer ready to do anything to capture great pictures. I pour my heart into every session. I usually overshoot and would rather give too many options than too little. It takes a lot of energy for parents to get outfits planned and kids together, I want this to be a success on all levels.

If we are shooting outdoor, I am here to offer suggestions on locations and times we can shoot in those locations. I am here to offer you advice on wardrobe and accessories. I am here to help. My studio is packed full of props and backdrop. I like to make sure the studio is stocked with something for every session.
My products are archival quality, so they will last 120+ years.
And so much more!

Portrait Studio Collections

What happens after the session?

I like to include parents when narrowing down images. So often clients see something in their pictures that I wouldn’t know to look for. Some clients want details and others go for expressions. Some like bigger smiles and others want big eyes. Whatever it is, I want your images to speak to you and help you remember this stage.
Most of my sessions are able to view and order their pictures right after we finish capturing; outdoor and Saturday appointments are asked to make an ordering appointment to finalize everything.

What if my kids don’t cooperate?

Sometimes, as parents, we think are kids aren’t listening or being a little to dramatic but really they are just being kids. In all honesty, that is what you are paying me to capture. Let me worry about that! If things don’t work, I will suggest a re-shoot. This is extremely rare but I want you to be happy.

What should I expect from Expressions’ printed products?

Printed images are fully edited… Skin softening including acne and wrinkle retouch, color correction and styling design included.
Our products are archival quality and most are designed to last lifetimes.