Thank you for your interest. We strive to provide our clients with a pleasing photography experience, great images, a diverse product line and most importantly, exceptional customer service. We’ve learned over the years what makes our clients happy & we’ve built our business around it. Such as a unique & creative photo session, letting our clients choose their favorite images. Be sure to contact us with questions! We look forward to working with you and your family.

SESSIONS: Sessions can be photographed on location or at our studio which offers natural light and studio lighting. A session with us is casual, fun and creative. We love to capture your child’s personality, true smiles and expressions. To accommodate everyone’s needs, our sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We know how stressful getting your child’s photos taken can be, but don’t worry, we will do all the work! We encourage parents to sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child giggle and smile with us. We strong recommend limiting the amount of family members or friends you bring with you to just 1 or 2 additional people. This will help decrease the chances of distractions for your child during the shoot.

AFTER YOUR SESSION: For most sessions, we will view all of your images, select your favorites, and print them right here in the studio! To make the ordering process easier, it’s helpful to have an idea as to what sizes you will need to order before arriving at the studio. Take a look at our many package options to help you decide beforehand which package will suit your needs. We also can post your images to our online gallery if you would like to take your time and figure out your order at home.
Please feel at ease during your session. If pressured to “smile”, natural expressions may be lost. Many of the great images we capture are the “in-between” shots, when the subject relaxes & smiles. Photo sessions are work for both subject and photographer but we’ve got tricks that make it fun & easy so don’t worry and don’t try too hard! Relax, it’s your day!

NEWBORN SESSIONS: We suggest bringing baby in within the first 2 weeks after birth. Photographing a newborn before 2 weeks is ideal because they are sleepier and more limber which makes posing much easier. After 2 weeks is still ok; newborns tend to be more alert, need cluster feedings and can have baby acne and dry skin. Please bring extra bottles and diapers, as well as a pacifier if you have one. (will use to help calm baby while posing) Dressing newborns in full outfits can usually cause baby to seem “lost” if the outfit is not tight fitting. We love photographing newborns in the nude, swaddled up in a cute wrap, and in different hats and accessories.

WHAT TO WEAR: Our photography style is casual, fun and creative. We recommend wearing outfits that are comfortable, easy to change into, and outfits that show off your personality. Solid colors and layers always work great! Many backgrounds we have are colorful and have a variety of patterns. Clothing with logos, lots of writing, neon colors or clothing that have very busy, complex patterns can often distract from the facial expressions or clash with the backgrounds available. Good choices in clothing is one of the key elements of a great photo session! For group sessions, clothing should have a coordinating element. Clothing should be simple and timeless. Keeping it simple and adding splashes of color is a good way to break up group photos and make them more appealing to the eye. Favorites are jeans, colored pants, white, black or neutral colored shirts, scarves, jackets and bare feet. It’s a great idea to plan the outfits 2 weeks before the session. This will lower your stress level on session day!