I love cute dresses, jeans, overalls, sweaters with simple neutral layers, neckties, hats and scarves. Simple, timeless vintage looks are some of my favorites!
Lightly fitted clothes are best, no matter your shape, wearing slightly fitted clothes show curves rather than having no shape. If there is a body part you are insecure about, let me know and I will pose you to cover that area.
For families, try to break up the picture a little bit with neutrals and color splattered throughout the family.
Choose 4-5 colors and have everyone wear at least 3 of those colors & mix attire between skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, sleeve lengths and layered outfits
*fall colors can include any jewel tones  (splashes of rich purples, teals, greens, navy and browns)
*spring is great for softer pastels (soft tan, pink, blue, yellow and green shades)
*black and gray is always great with or without splashes of color (yellow and red)
*1-2 people with a pattern and the rest pull a color out of the pattern and where solid tones
*all neutrals and no color is really beautiful as well

Clothing with logos, lots of writing, neon colors or clothing that have very busy, complex patterns can often distract from the facial expressions.
If everyone has the same pattern, it can get very busy… Sometimes it is really cute though and I have an arsenal of backdrop to bring the focus back to the family.
I would stay away from really bright colors, they tend to cast color on the face and cause distraction from the main focus.
I recommend wearing outfits that are comfortable, easy to change, and outfits that show off your personality.


I love new babies and I love new parents. I think capturing this stage in a family’s life is more important than any other time in their life. I love to create something special for my families; whether it’s a favorite hobby, like gardening or football, tell me about it and lets see what we can come up with. I have tons of props, swaddle wraps, layers, furs and accessories. Most clients bring in 1-2 items they have collected and then we use bowls, buckets and crates to create other scenes.

Dressing newborns in full outfits can be so cute and also can cause the baby to seem “lost” if the outfit is not fitted. I have many tricks if you are really excited about a specific outfit. Also, preemie sized outfits work well for newborn pictures and make a really great keepsake for your baby. Etsy has some amazing vendors and some of the cutest newborn outfits and accessories. I would definitely read reviews and see pictures of the outfit in use. I would suggest knit rather than crochet outfits, it tends to fit their little bodies better and makes them look so cozy.

Photographing a new baby in the first 2 weeks is ideal because they are sleepier and more limber which makes posing much easier on them. After 2 weeks is still great; newborns just tend to be more alert, have cluster feedings and can have baby acne or dry skin that may results in additional editing services. Please bring extra food, diapers and a pacifier if you have one. I like to use pacifiers to calm baby while posing, but by no means do we need one. If you are opposed to pacifiers, don’t worry, this is just a suggestion.

I offer photography plans for newborn through the first year and also a birthday club. Joining these plans actually saves you money in the long run so if it is something you are interested in, let chat.


Babies, please bring all the babies to me to photograph… I love their sweet cheeks, little noses and big eyes. As with the newborn stage, it seems this stages slips away almost as fast as it comes in. They change so much that first year and a three month session vs a 6 month session is dramatically different. This is why I offer photography plans for newborn through the first year.
I have so many props and accessories and some outfits for little babes.
TIP: Please take your child’s lunch and nap schedule into account when deciding the best time for picture. I try to be as flexible as possible during sessions and can usually offer a longer session time if needed.


Kids have so much energy and emotion; I just love it. They remind me what it’s like being a child and exploring their surroundings and I use that for to benefit our photo shoot. We explore the studio, props and backdrops, Sometimes, to get a certain pose, we even eavesdrop on the neighbors, hehe. Whatever works, goes while capturing kiddos.
Starting a conversation a few days before your portrait appointment is a great way to get them excited about the experience. Make it a special, exciting experience.
-Some parents take this opportunity to have a annual date with their little one… pictures, favorite restaurant and a trip to the book store or a special activity.
I suggest bringing one of their favorite things to play with. (matchbox cars, large teddy bear and tea set, dinosaurs, super hero stuff, coloring set) That way, we can capture a few images of what they love at this stage in life. This will also help if you are concerned that they may not want to participate.
I have had families bring in lots of bribery and such, sometimes this works well and other times it hinders the shoot.
-Please inform me prior of any “treats” so we can work together on the best time to introduce these items. Also note, colored candy dyes a child’s tongue and skin; I have suckers and marshmallow treats at my studio.
I offer photography plans for newborn through the first year and also a birthday club. Joining these plans actually saves you money in the long run so if it is something you are interested in, let chat.


I love capturing teenagers and I think it is so important they experience a photo shoot that is special for them. We need our young adults to know how important and BEAUTIFUL they are. A professional photographer can actually help build confidence and self-esteem; sometimes, the smallest perceived flaw takes over our thoughts and we think it is more than it is, portraits help to derail those lies.
Depending on the length of the session, the number of outfits and the senior’s excitement to take part in the session, there are so many options for portraits, in-studio, outdoor or a combination of both session types. Studio sessions offer a large variety of solid or printed backdrops, chairs and other props. Outdoors sessions allow for more freedom in movement and variety since we are not limited to the backdrop size. Both are great for posed, tailored portraits and both types result in beautiful polished pictures. I typically suggest a little of both for seniors.
I do not limit the amount of outfits. Outfits typically work best between 2-5 options, depending on your session length. Consider 15-25 minutes per outfit and 30 minutes per location.
Studio sessions are typically scheduled Tuesday – Saturday, 9:30-4 and outdoor sessions work best 1-2 hours after sunrise or before sunset. I may be able to accommodate other times.

NOTE: Think about something special to your teen, I am always willing to go outside in the bitter cold so a senior can show off their snow gear or head to the lake for their favorite reading tree.


Oh boy, families. Where do I start. Families are so fun to capture. It always makes me feel like all families are the same and mine is no exception… the struggle is real. haha. The chaotic, stubborn, loud, sweet, shy personalities, and there is always an instigator or two… all these qualities make up a family unit and managing them all is what I love. I will most definitely capture some of this in your session, I love the real pictures that show all the disorder. I love when I can ooh and ahh over a clients collection but seeing the funny laughing at the moments takes me back to all the personality that exists in your family. I also know you want gorgeous faces looking at the camera being all cuddly and cute. We may have a little marathon in between the posed pictures for a little fun and to forget what we are doing. I have even had adult children pull down their favorite prop in my studio just to get them to relax and have fun. Or teenage kids do a random piggy back ride to loosen them up… I have clients shocked that we captured their kid’s real smile. This is what I do, we have fun and get real!